Friday, June 24, 2011

Lift off!

Elizabeth is interested in space.  She has been studying the stars and planets, learning to fly a plane (yes, a real plane, off the ground), visited NASA, and now, she is into making rockets and setting them off.  So far, she has built 3 rockets (and flown 2 of them) and one space shuttle. (I think the space shuttle was due to the fact we were at NASA- Johnson Space Center during the last flight).

Wednesday night, she went to set off her rocket..It didn't go as planned.  Mission Control had to delay it due to bad batteries for the launch controller.  So, yesterday, while at Hobby Lobby, we bought more batteries.  Today, she went to launch it again.....another delay by Mission Control.  Dead batteries.  The batteries we bought were out of date and no juice.  In to town we went, and got more batteries.  Finally, we had good batteries and she launched 2 of them successfully.  And, just as successfully, the girls managed to find them both, as they landed in the front hay field.

Her rockets are Estes Rockets--they come in a kit and you build them.  Each engine is good for one flight, then you need to change engines for the next flight.

If you have a kit interested in rockets, check out their education section on their website.  They have online classes you can take in Math, Science, Language Arts and more.  The classes are for all grades.  I haven't checked them all out yet, but the ones I did look at are free classes.   They are partnered with NASA.  Next week, we will be checking out their online classes in more detail (after the county fair activities slow down some).

Elizabeth picked self determined as her 4H project, and entered her rockets today.

 The best part of this very very short video, is the dogs noise when it went off, my husbands "wow" and then Elizabeth yelling "It worked, it worked!"

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