Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Darwin is Wrong.....

This week the girls and I are in Holt County, at Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp.  The twins are campers, Emily is a helper, and I am staff EMT.

Our missionary speaker this week is a very interesting and well educated man, Matt Miles.  Matt is part of the Creation Truth Foundation.  Our lessons this week, have us studying the Bible to see what it says about creation and what science has said about creation, and what science now says about creation.  And, science has changed it mind on several issues.  Seems now, thru DNA tests, it has been confirmed that we all came from one common female....and, that would be Eve.  Visit there website for a lot more information at .  There site also has some great links, and home school resources and curriculum.  Also interesting is the information on dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs were real).

We have had a great week so far.  The weather has been great, the storms have missed us, and even with all the flooding going on, the creek at camp has stayed in its banks.  The food is wonderful- tonight we are having roasted beef, mashed potatoes, veggies and browns.  Twice this week we have bussed into Mound City to swim,where we have had the park and pool to ourselves.  When we were kids, we all fit into one school bus.  Now, the camp takes two buses to get us there. 

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