Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last day of homeschool coop

Today was our last day of homeschool coop until the fall.  The girls are going to miss going, and I am going to miss the kids that were in my classes!  I was a teacher for one and an aid for two others.  But, the girls have contact information for most of their coop friends, so I am sure they will be staying in touch over the summer months, and we are planning on having them all out for a cookout in May as well.

The class I taught was "Fire and Personal Safety".  The kids I had were older kids.  We covered a variety of subjects the last few months, including some basic first aid, floods, snow and ice storms, identifying storm clouds and weather patterns, tornado, earthquake, what to put in a car kit and house kit, making a home escape route, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (each student was also given an alarm to place in their room or in their home), kitchen and home fire safety, using a fire extinguisher and studying the various careers associated with fire science.  One week they had a hazmat fireman come in.  Today, for our final class, Captains Mike and Richelle with Independence Fire Dept came.  We set up a burn pan, and the kids got hand on experience using the fire extinguishers to put out the propane fueled burner.  They all did very well and managed to extinguish the fire.  As the final hour was almost over, they arranged for pumper #3 to come and as all the coop kids were dismissed, they got to come out and tour the truck.  The truck was a big hit for the younger ones.

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