Friday, April 1, 2011

Done Testing!

Well, I finished my schooling in January and passed my state test at that time.  But, due to my name on my drivers license reading slightly different than how I was enrolled in class, I had to produce a paper trail to prove I am me.   (My drivers license has my name correctly, but also contains my maiden name as a second middle name.)  Just having that extra name on there, slowed the process down.  So, I didn't get to take my National test until yesterday.  I am happy to report I passed!  I have now sent off my application for my license, so am awaiting my number.  I already have one job lined up as a camp nurse (aka medic) for a week this summer.  I also have a couple other services that are interested in using me on a PRN base!

As a result, today was the first day I have not had to study since August.  And it felt good.  Actually I did sort of study in a way, as I have already started in on my CEU's.

The girls have been working on their typing software, and are now about half way finished.  Their WPM are starting to get into the double digits!  Wont be too much longer before the fingering becomes natural for them.

This weekend Emily goes up to the next  level of the optimist speech contest, and today is our last day of homeschool coop for the semester.  The kids will have a coop open house and program later to show off what they have learned and made this winter.

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