Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you freecycle?

A friend and I have started a new freecycle group for Clinton County MO. If you are in our area and freecycle, check it out. We just started and only have a few members so far, but have had a couple of items posted. There was not a group for Clinton County, so several of us have belonged to all the surrounding areas that require more driving than we like. This will be an additional resource for us with less driving.

If you aren't familiar with freecycle, its a great program where you can post items you don't need anymore and pass them on free to someone who does need that item. You can also post items you are needing.

Its a great way to pass on and receive books, furniture, crafts, sewing machines, pianos, just about anything that is legal. It keeps items in use and out of the landfills.

As I have stated several times before, most homeschooling families tend to be single income earners, and freecycle is just another tool we use.

So go to freecycle.org and find a group near you to join!

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Mountainrose said...

May I have the link to the Clinton County Freecycle, please. Alhtough I am no in the area, my daughter is, but does not have much access to the internet.. Also. Do you know about the homeschool support group in Excelsior Springs. We have a yahoo group to keep in touch with each other.. And there is a weekly recess.