Monday, May 17, 2010

Where have I been??

I've had several emails asking where I have been, as my posts are way behind. That is because I am way behind.

First, I have been undergoing a series of back injections and physical therapy. I had a MRI several weeks ago which revealed the sources of my ongoing back pain. Now that we know what it is from, we are trying to fix it. After the injections, I am pretty well out of commission for 24-48 hours. We have been targeting the discs in my lower back and this week we are going to add in the neck as well. So far, I have responded to the injections and PT favorably, except for an allergic reaction to the liquid that they cleaned my back with prior to injections (I had a very nasty set of the hives).

Secondly, the weather is not helping. It has been cold and rainy (which only makes me hurt more) and the grass in the yard won't stop growing. I have about 2 days a week that I actually feel good and have some energy, and I have been spending them on the lawn mower. Mowing actually feels good to my back--the mower has a gentle vibration and the back of the seat is slightly warm from the mower engine, so it has a spa therapy effect which is rather relaxing.

Hopefully the weather will dry out and we can finish getting our garden in. Right now the majority of it is sitting in planters on our porch and in the garage.

So, if I'm not on here, its because I am either resting or trying to catch up!

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Hope you are feeling better now. If I lived by you I would come and mow your yard.