Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is finally starting to slow down around here..

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. VBS is over, the county 4H fair is over, and Emily is at the final week of camp for the summer.

This week until Saturday, Emily is at CIY in Bolivar MO. The church took a large group of kids, filling 2 cars and the church van.

Saturday we have a baby shower at church, then Emily returns and we head to Maryville to our annual Shinabarger family reunion which is held on Sunday. Although it is the Shinabarger reunion, few Shinabargers attend--but mainly Espeys. However, since the Espeys are the direct line of the Shinabargers, it is still the Shinabarger reunion. I think now there are more Shinabargers in Indiana than Missouri, but we are the same family.

When we return from the reunion, we will be bringing back my niece and nephew, and my 3rd cousin (who is my cousins grand daughter). So, we will have 6 kids for the rest of the week. We have lots of fun things planned--we plan to fish (my nephews order), go swimming at Smithville Lake, visit the Shatto dairy in Osborn, possibly visit the Plattsburg pool, and attend a special group night at Coolcrest with unlimited mini golf and go carting through JD's employers credit union. If it rains, we will hit free bowling in Liberty. We also plan on seeing if some other cousins who live nearby can join us a couple of times during the week. Several of them are working on their math multiplication facts, so I am sure we will be playing multiplication Bingo a lot also. Math facts are more fun when they are a game.

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