Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This weekend is our county horse show for 4H. IF it isn't rained out and postphoned. I hate to say it, but I almost hope it does get pushed back a couple weeks....It has rained so much lately that many of the club practices have been canceled, so they have not gotten in as much practice as I would have liked. We do practice at home, but us girls are new to the horse thing, we are not sure we are doing everything correctly. JD is well versed in horses, but of course, he is at work while we are practicing.

As usual, we were stood up by the horse farrier. Actually by 3 of them. I have been trying to get one out here to the farm since late May. 3 times appointments were made and not kept, and they don't even return my calls when I call to try and reschedule. With the upcoming show, we were gettin desperate. (Evidently male farriers have a rep for standing people up). So, Monday I got ahold of Christina O'Rear of Centerview MO. She is a farrier and a trainer. I went through school with her parents. She was able to take the horses so Tuesday morning I loaded up kids and horses and we went to Centerview. I highly recommend her and her work. She charged us $25 per horse for a much needed trim. (She normally charges $30 but we got a discount for coming to her). She did an excellent job and was there as she said she would be. She is in town and easy to get to and plenty of parking room/trailer backing room as she is right by the MFA with a large parking lot. Since it is just one town over from my parents, they drove over and watched the work, then we all went to Perrons in Centerview to eat. They have the best onion rings ever!


Shilah said...

Good luck with the show this weekend!

I was reading your comment over on Farming On Faiths post about the liquid laundry soap. I like your method for storing it. I have a narrow laundry room and no place to store a 5 gallon bucket. But I could definitely store milk jugs.

I was just wondering when you mix it in your Tide container, what size is the container? I'm guessing that you are putting in about a quart of the soap and a quart of water. Is that correct?

I'd love to try making this next time I need more detergent. Which will be awhile from now, since I bought some recently.



Just found your blog and I have really enjoyed it. We have a hard time getting a farrier out here too. I have never seen a female farrier, that's really great. We live on a farm and homeschool too. I love being here with my 7 blessings:)Hope to get to know you. Have a great day. Blessings,