Saturday, April 11, 2009

Watkins Mill state Park

Today, for the first time, the girls and I went to Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and sate Historic Site outside of Lawson MO. We were very impressed. We have a friend who works there and numerous friends that volunteer there. We liked it so much, that we signed up to become volunteers ourselves. Our first "gig" (for lack of a better term...) will be next Saturday, April 18 from 11 to 4, during their "Spring on the Farm". We will be dressed in period clothing and helping with the demonstrations. Demonstrations are to include gardening, wood stove cooking, rag doll making, toy making, weaving, rope making and more. This is a free event, although there is a small fee for the building tours.

For more information, call the park or visit their website at

You will want to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your camera. Be sure to take the kids to visit the sheep, turkeys and chickens as well.

At the same state park, there is also a camp ground, a swim beach, lake and and a dam. There is a paved walking path around the lake and dam that is perfect for walking or a stroller. A young friend of ours from church and homeschool coop, Caleb, took the girls and I on a personal tour of the park. Caleb and his family ave been volunteering here for years. His mom was one of the people who encouraged me to come check it out.

The girls and I plan to use some of our volunteer time as a history credit.


Susan E. said...

Beautiful photos! We visited Watkins Mill for the first time shortly before we moved here, a little over a year ago!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

It looks like a fabulous park and dressing up in the time period would be so fun! Your kids must be so excited, all I would hear here if we were going to do that is "I can't wait for Saturday"

Anonymous said...

Now did you find all the period clothes that Taylor and I wore for old time days?

April said...

The girls wore them last year for halloween. They are getting too small. Watkins Mill requires that all clothing be as it would have been then--no zippers or elastic and cotton or wool for the cloth. They have a huge supply of clothing that they will fit us into. Hard part will be finding shoes!