Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great website for younger homeschoolers

This is free for a limited time. Below is a copy of an email I received. I used this site a lot when my daughters were younger, and still do some for children I babysit. Little ones like to do "seatwork" while the older ones do their bookwork.
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Our way of saying thanks.
In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week from May 4-8, Learning A-Z is thrilled to announce our annual Open House. As thanks for everything you and your staff do on behalf of our kids, you can explore our websites free of charge! Explore our dynamic, interactive sites and sample many of our downloadable resources, from reading and writing to vocabulary and science.

We’re on a mission.
That mission is to provide teachers and students with flexible and affordable research-based resources for differentiated K-6 instruction. Especially now, during these challenging economic times, that mission can only be fulfilled if we have strong partnerships with education professionals like you.

Last Chance to Pre-Register!
Registration for the Open House is still open! Sign up now and receive a full schedule of our Open House events. This is a great opportunity to see what Learning A-Z has to offer, not just as a provider of learning resources but as a partner committed to helping your students realize their full potential.

Kind regards,

Bob Holl
Cofounder and Publisher
Learning A-Z, Inc.

P.S. Spread the word! Be sure to forward this announcement to your colleagues so they can take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Learning A-Z
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Tucson, Arizona 85718

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