Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What to get homeschoolers........

I had an elderly lady ask me, by email "What can I get for my neighbors? They home school 5 children and have helped me a lot since my husband died. They shovel my snow, mow, bring up my paper and mail, and bring me food when I have had the flu. They refuse money. Is there something you can recommend that they would use?" I emailed her back, and told her I would answer here in my blog, so that all could see.

First, what ages are the kids, and what attractions are nearby? Is there a zoo that you could buy them a family pass for? swimming passes, or another attraction? Maybe pay the way for one of them to go to church camp?

Do you have a skill you can teach them? Sewing, knitting, jewelry making or crochet? Can you bake?-if so, invite them over for "lessons". Can you teach them to play an instrument?

Tell them stories of your childhood and put them on tape for them.

How about a subscription to a kids or family magazine? Or, give them one of yours or a newspaper when you are finished reading it.

Almost all homeschooling families can use the following:
paper, notebooks, poster board, crayons or markers, construction paper, microscope and/or prepared slides, garden or flower seeds, bird feeder and bird feed, paper, paper and paper, paint, easel, scissors (ours always disappear) dictionary, calculator, flashlight, books, folders, walkie talkies, pens, pencils, erasers, board games, craft supplies, fabric, beads, science kits, office supplies, calendars, index cards, printer ink, batteries or a battery charger with rechargeable batteries, weather instruments, ant farm, butterfly net or garden, hummingbird feeders, sewing machine, timer, maps, gift certificate to a teacher supply store, fun posters, outdoor games, such as horseshoes....

Anything that can be studied, watched, read, taken apart or put together or safely eaten!

Can you watch a little one(s) while the older ones or parents go out?

Most homeschool families are single income families. This often means that there is little left for some of the extras or that sacrafices are made to have the extras. Even a simple gift such as a 12 pack of pencils will be appreciated and used. Or, having the kids come over and you read or tell them a story so mom can take a nap or mop the floor without tracks! Your gift needs to be from the heart, not necessarly from the pocketbook.

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