Monday, March 23, 2009

471 miles later...we are back!

We are back from Springfield. We had a very good trip, no trouble and a lot of fun. We left Friday morning and returned very late Saturday night. This was our annual trip for JBQ districts. JBQ is Junior Bible Quiz.

We stopped at my parents in Warrensburg on our way to Springfield. Mom fed us all brunch, which is a nice way of saying we raided her fridge. My brother and his family live next door, so the kids ran over there for awhile too. My brother had just bought a new craftsman tiller so I checked that out as well. They are putting in a garden with my parents.

Our next stop was at Fantastic Caverns on the north side of Springfield. We have been learning about caves in our homeschooling and this fit right in with our lessons. The girls loved the tour. They also have a nice (free) walking trail. We did not opt to go on the walking trail as we had to be to the hotel in 2 hours. The cave tour is all a riding tour, with no walking required. I highly recommend a visit here if you are in the area. It is very interesting and a comfortable 61 degrees.

We then went on into town and quickly checked into our hotel, changed into our team shirts, ate and went to quiz. We quizzed 5 rounds Friday, and the remaining rounds on Saturday morning. Our team placed 6th (? I think) place. Several of our quizzers also received individual awards for their individual scores. Emily and I served as judges.

Our hotel was a really nice one, with a small kitchen in it. The kitchen was ideal with a roomful of kids. Since we knew we would have one, we had taken down a cooler full of food.

As usual, on the way back we stopped at Osceola Cheese. They make the best chocolate cheese. Sounds icky, but it actually tastes like a chocolate cheese cake. It is real good. I also got some smoked chedder and smoked swiss and the girls got some stick candy.

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