Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busy week

Its one of those weeks. Sunday was church and skating party, Monday we hit the school work rather hard and the girls worked on their science fair projects, Tuesdays are 4H, Wednesday (tonight) Girl Scouts, Thursday we are on standby (per my mom) to pick up my parents from the airport should my brother have to work (he is in law enforcement and gets called in on his days off quite often), Friday is coop, and Saturday we plan to farm butcher our steer. Sunday is church again and that evening a homeschool science fair in St Jo.

The steer may be getting pushed back a week as we need to find one more meat grinder, and it is a crazy week, but that will mean JD will need to take a vacation day and he has to see if that is an option first.

Today was a sad day on the farm. We lost a chicken and a rabbit--the rabbit to old age, and the chicken to most likely a coyote. And now, we have found that that Hershey (Elizabeths heiffer) is missing...cant find a black cow after dark, so that will be our project in the morning. Most likely she is in the pasture with her mom.

Some days we just have more drama on the farm than others....for now, off to scouts.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Sorry about your losses today. It seems like you can go months without loosing an animal and then, wham, there will be few all at once. Good luck finding your cow in the morning.