Thursday, February 12, 2009

21 hours and 12 minutes.....

Until coop starts. My girls have been counting down until our first session of this semesters homeschool coop. Our coop meets every Friday Feb though April, and again September through November. They are anxious to see their friends, some of which they have not seen since last November.

I am teaching 2 classes this semester, for a total of 3 hours. First and second hours I am teaching "Parade of Presidents". First hour is for younger students, and second hour for middle grammar students. Third hour I am teaching "Marvelous Missouri" to middle grammar students.

I am excited about my classes, and have learned a lot myself as I prepare for them. The state of Missouri has been wonderful and sent me all sorts of information and lots of items to pass on to the kids, free of charge.

My daughters are taking volleyball, scrap booking, watercolor, American Girl, Ooey Gooey Science, Baton, Debate, Snack shop (they actually operate a small business in this class-operating the concession snack shop at coop-learning inventory, and handling money), Spanish.

Other offered classes which we are not taking are genealogy, geometry, choir, band, crafts, dissecting lab, flying creatures, early life skills, art, PCT Prep, sewing, photo, phonics, quilling, snare drum, yearbook and a lot more.

Tomorrow evening we have our Valentine Banquet at church. They youth group is serving it as a fund raiser for their upcoming summer activities. Today the girls have been baking angel food cakes as part of the deserts to be served.

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