Friday, July 31, 2015

MO Homeschoolers are NOT required to register with their local district.

Once again, the Ashland school district, with full co-operation of the Ashland newspaper, has posted a notification that home schools are "required" to send information in to the district.
"School districts across the state have been adopting this "policy" with more and more frequency in recent years. The law has not changed!!! The law clearly states that we "may (not "must") register with the school district in which we reside. This wording was very intentionally crafted.

BE WARNED: Once you accede to the demand to register, you may be pressured to do so annually. It will be difficult (but not impossible) to undo this request for oversight from your school officials!

HSLDA lawyer, Scott Woodruff, drafted a letter several years ago for the benefit of residents of Ashland, MO. He emphasized that this the information printed by the paper is false and is not written into the legal requirements for homeschooling.
FHE's position is:
FHE strongly recommends that youdo NOT formally register because
a) it offers no proof that you are educating your child
b) it does not benefit your child's learning
c. voluntary registration may imply that you look to the state for permission

St. Joseph district has also been persistent in their demands that home educators file an intent annually. HSLDA and FHE have been working diligently to inform families that this is a policy not consistent with what the law says.
Please consider the difference between school "policy" and "state law"!!
Thank your for safeguarding the rights of all home educators by standing firm for your families right to choose homeschooling without undo oversight by the government school officials.
Please contact me with any questions or problems.
Feel free to forward this to any support group/ families in the area."
Mavis Dey. region 4

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