Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back Home

First, let me say I realize at times mothers must work outside the home at times.  Other times, I believe it can actually be damaging to the family.

I recently experienced one of those "damaging"  episodes.  I was a zombie for the last 6 weeks.

I worked outside the home for 8 weeks.  Lets just say it was NOT the job for me.  I am now back home and in the last 4 days I have finally gotten the laundry caught up, and the house halfway back to order.  I worked in a very unprofessional retail environment where it was not healthy at all.  Every time I was ready to take my break or lunch, I was told to wait until they had a smoke break first (which they never clocked out for).   Never, ever in my life had I heard such concentration of bad language and drama,  I mean every other word.  It not only came from a large majority of the customers, but also from the help, from the general manager on down the line.  It often seemed like they were trying to out due each other.  I believe there were only 2 employees who were not constantly swearing, back stabbing and creating other drama.  They also would go on "witch hunts" and target one certain employee, then move on to another one a few days later.  I just could not work in an environment like this any longer.  There were also 2 employees who had anger control issues, and you  never knew when an item would get thrown, or something kicked. When I started, we had a lot of customers who came in that were Mennonite.  I noticed they were gradually dwindling in numbers.  I asked one, who always spoke to me and he said that the women and children could not longer come into our store due to the nature of the conversations they overheard.  A few days after that conversation, I turned in my notice, effective immediately.   Needless to say, I am at peace with my decision to leave there.

I just don't understand why women think they are attractive by talking and acting that way.  Do they not realize that it doesn't make them look tough, it makes them actually look insecure, cheap and trashy.  I don't get it at all.  Do they act like that in front of their parents and children??  Makes me wonder.....

In the midst of all that, my husband was seriously ill and in the hospital.  When I sent a text to my manager, the reply I received was if I wasn't going to be at  work the next day, I had to let her know by 7pm to avoid getting written up.  Rather cold and heartless I thought, considering I had not missed any prior work.  She didn't even ask how he was.

So, laundry and ironing are now caught up, kitchen has been 75% detailed, I got my stove taken apart, cleaned, and put back together.  I am getting caught up on my coupon book getting it organized, and I detailed my car.  Next, I will work on the husbands car and truck, and its time to clean the garage again.  And, I have a long list of other jobs to tackle as well.

When the right job comes along, I will take it.  But, it will not interfere with my beliefs, or my family.  But in the meantime, I'm playing catch up.

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