Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why do these things ONLY HAPPEN TO ME? Gate was open...everything ( livestock wise) was at the neighbors. As soon as the cows heard the diesel motor they came running back to the correct pasture. 

Not the horses. After running our horses back in, and closing the gate....I discover that our new neighbors also have 2 brown horses and a black horse, just as we do. Upon closer inspection....2 of the 3 horses I have are the wrong ones. I open the gate again, and after some time, manage to get the correct horses....Then I close the gate. Before I am even back in the truck....they are jumping the fence to play with the new horses...(actually, I think they are arguing over who the alpha is). So again, I sort horses and get them back. Then, over the fence comes the neighbors black horse. I moved the truck closer to him and he jumped back where he was supposed to be. I'll give it 15 minutes and they will be in the wrong pastures again. 

And, thank you Bandit for teaching the other 5 horses how to open the gate, which will now need to be wired shut. 

The weird thing, throughout the entire rodeo...birds were riding on some of the horses backs......

On the positive side, I have 4 cows who are definitely pregnant.

My head and chest cold/sinus infection is on the upswing, but chasing these guys down, as me back coughing again.

Notice this only happens when I am the only one home, or when the husband is on nights and sleeping or out of town.  Murphys law.

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