Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bull for Sale, NW Missouri

I have a bull for sale, He is 1 year old. 

Daddy is a black Angus, momma is a red shorthorn, (which is where he got his horns from) . $1500 cash. 

He needs to go either before June 4 or after June 14 as I will be gone in between. He usually will come to a bucket. I can not deliver, and can not hold.  Located in NW Missouri.

This last summers calves were bulls, and we don't need them all.  And, we have 2 cows expecting again, so the bulls need to go first.  In a few months,

I will probably have a little red bull for sale as well, but he isn't done weaning yet.  Although, he may actually be headed for the deep freeze.  I haven't decided yet.

He is 100% organic, and has not been vaccinated.  He has not been fed any GMO or treated foods.  He has been grass fed, with organic sweet feed once in awhile.

He gets along well with other cattle and horses.

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