Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loving the Warmer Weather....

Much warmer today.  It felt good to have some sunshine.

This morning I took a small load of clothing into the local Ministerial Alliance to donate.  It wasn't as much as I normally take in, but I only got through one dresser.  Hopefully this week I can get thru some more.

With the economy the way it is, many people are hurting for warm clothing, coats and food, as well as help to pay their winter utilities.  If you have clothing taking up room in your closets and dressers that you are not using, why not donate it??  Most centers will give you a tax receipt for it as well.  If you take them food, have it rung up separately so that you have a good dollar amount as food pantry donations are tax deductable.  Items that food pantries hurt for the most include peanut butter, jelly, pasta, canned tuna, diapers (even partial packages your child has outgrown) spaghetti sauce, canned veggies and fruits, laundry soap, soup, bath soap and TP, toothpaste and deodorant as well as fem hygiene items.  If you are a couponer or stockpiler, how about sharing some of those items with someone who has none?

I have a load of t shirts in the washer now that haven't been worn in so long that they have yellowed--if they come clean, they will also get donated, if the don't, they will go into the rug pile.Once they go into the rug pile, they get cut into strips and rolled into a ball.  Then, with a large crochet needle, they get crocheted into a round or square rug.  Cost nothing to make, and very easy to wash.  They are great by the door during nasty weather.

I got supper all made for most of the rest of the week.  Tonight is taco night.  Tomorrow night is chicken with wheat pasta, and with 4H on Thursday, Thursday night will be potato soup night with grilled cheese, as we can crockpot it.  Friday night will be taco salad with the leftovers from tonight.

I made 3 loaves of bread today.  Within 2 minutes of coming out of the oven it was getting cut.  I think we are already down to 2 loaves now, and its only been 2 hours.
I washed a couple of our coats today.  Its been so muddy out that we have rubbed up against the cars and gotten it on our coats.

 I still have one kiddo getting over the flu--no fun as she is still having issues keeping food down, but strangely chocolate chip cookies with creme soda do stay down fine....

In my off time, I have been reading Mom At War, but Todd Parnell.  I first learned of this book during our recent trip to the Veterans Museum in Branson MO.  It is an interesting look of WW2, told by the son of a woman who lost her first husband to the war, and responded by joining the American Red Cross and going to Europe to feed the soldiers donuts.  It contains a lot of history, photos, and pages from her letters and diary of her take on the war.  It is suitable for all ages to read.  After I finish with it, my next book is the  Candy Pilots.  It is another interesting true look at history.  Both books I got for free, by using my points eaned from SwagBucks.  I traded my points in for a bunch of $5 Amazon gift cards.

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