Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our plumbing job

With all that has gone on around there the last 10 days or so, we kind of ignored a problem that could not be ignored anymore.  Emily's bathroom toilet.  The drain was clogged.  We all used the plunger--no luck.  We used the toilet snake.  No luck.  Something hard was in there and it wasn't about to move.

Armed with the years of DIY shows I have watched, times I have had my dad help me in the past, and a few websites and a series of TIME home improvement books I tackled the job.

First, we had to bail out the water and remove the toilet.  The old copper water line wasn't long enough to move the toilet over, so I also removed the water line, remembering to first turn the water off at the shut off valve. (My dad taught me that one!)  That proved the clog was in the toilet, and not in the sewer line.  It also provided an access to snake the toilet from the bottom.  After attacking in numerous times from the top and the bottom, out came the culprits...a deodorant lid and a make up case.

Then, off to Plattsburg Lumber for a new wax ring and gasket, and a longer flexible water line.  The twins and I then re-set the toilet.  It cost me $13.99.  Plumber wanted $150.  It works, and doesn't leak!

Would I do it again??  Yep, to save the money.  Would I WANT to do it again? NO.  I still think plumbers are over paid.....but....I don't feel so strongly on that as I did before.  It was a nasty job.  But, its done and hopefully won't have to be done again for a very very long time.

And, we have a couple of new rules around here now.  #1,  Nothing is to sit on the back of the toilet anymore.  #2.  Nothing else is to break while it is during the days my husband works 12 hour shifts.

I think my Dad is proud of me. I know my hubby is!

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Kaloy said...

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