Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homeschool Coop

Today the twins registered for their classes for the fall semester of our homeschool coop.  Our coop is located in Independence MO.  If you want information about joining our coop, let me know and I can email you the information  for our director.  It is NOT to late to join, as we don't begin until the Monday after Labor Day.  Last semester we met on Fridays, this semester we will be meeting on Mondays.  So far, it appears some of our usual families will not be joining us, but it also looks like we have a couple of new families.

Coops are a great way for kids to meet other kids, and parents to network and get new homeschooling ideas.  They also help in that kids can take a class in a subject that may not be your specialty, but is of another parent/teacher.

The twins are excited that it will be starting back up, as they have missed some of their coop friends over the summer months.

Emily, however, is a different story.  She decided that for this semester she wanted to try public school (her first time).  While she was at CIY (Christ In Youth) this summer, she drew a card that told her to be a witness at her school.  So, we are trying it out.  So far, I am not convinced it is the right choice for us.  We got off to a rough start.  I had called ahead, and arranged an appointment to have her tested, meet the principal, tour the school and pick her classes.  When we got there, the principal then informed us they could not test her at that time.  Then we were told the next day she could not pick her classes or even start school until after she was tested and that she may not be tested until after school started and her results were back....  Our tour turned into wandering the building ourselves, and a nice janitor woman kind of showed us the upstairs.  After putting my foot down, and contacting the state board of education, they suddenly could test her the next day.  Her test results were great--and she tested on college level in most subjects.

However, she had 16.5 credits on her transcript, and the school refused to accept her transcript.  They only gave her credit for 7, which is what most freshman have.  Then they put her in health, which she has already had, and gave her Biology I.  Finally the principal changed it to Biology II, but she has already had both Biology I and Biology II.  So, she is repeating 2 classes that she tested high on.  

I don't understand the purpose of the testing if she isn't allowed to pick her classes based on the test results.  She is enjoying it for now, but this may be her only semester there.  She worked hard for those 16.5 credits and to have the school district not recognize them is not acceptable. 

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Perhaps they don't want other students and parents to see what can be done with homeschooling vs. public school so they want to make it as difficult as possible. You would think though that they would want to get her in the door and make her happy so she would stay since they get funding based on number of students.