Saturday, November 27, 2010

My $5 find

Friday, one of the girls and I went into town to pick up a couple of things at our local Pamida store. Down one aisle, they had a selection of upholstery pieces, of various sizes. Regardless of the size, they were all priced at $5 each. I found a piece that was 8 yards long and 90 inches wide, for $5. It was a nice dark green with some tan in it--the exact same color as the love seat in my dining room. So, needless to say I bought it and brought it home. I had exactly enough to reupholster my dining room chairs and also the piano bench for the baby grand, which is in the same room. I still have some left over, which I think I will use to make some pillows for the love seat. Several years ago I took an upholstery class at a community center and I was finally able to put my class knowledge to use. It was really fairly simple, and the only tools required were a screwdriver and the staple gun. All for $5. The only downside is, I wish I had found the fabric sooner, and could have had it done for Thanksgiving, since this year we had people from both sides of the family at our house. But, on the flip side, I did notice a couple new stains on the chairs after the dinner, so but not having it done, I saved the stains from being on the new seats. (The original seats were white, which I don't recommend for dining room chairs). Next time I am out, I will see if I can find some spray scotch guard for the chairs and bench.

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