Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This and Thats.....

Teh 3 younger girls are at church camp again this week. (The twins are campers and Emily is staff. Not sure how that is going, with her getting to tell her sisters what to do in an official capacity, but I am sure I will hear all about it.) I will be giving them credit for camp as homeschooling hours. Some will be under the subject of Bible, and some will be under PE, as they go swimming or bowling daily.

Today is also the twins 12th birthday, and they are spending it at camp. Hopefully the weather is nice there, as here on the farm it is pouring, thundering and we have lots of lightening. About 3 minutes ago, a branch just came off a tree out back. I don't think it was from lightening, but it may have been as the wind isn't that strong. We did have high winds during the night, so it may have been weakened then. We have been having temps around 100 and the rain has brought it down to 69 degrees right now--a much needed break from the heat.

The garden is in, but so far it has not produced much. We got our first tomato, and that was about it.

I have not been posting on here as often as I should. I am getting error messages that my browser is out of date, and blogspot kicks me off. I get that on all our computers, but then again, they are all at least 10 or more years old.

Last weekend was my class reunion. It was my 30th. It was good to see everyone. Some people never changed, and others I didn't recogonize at all. Some I have seen throughout the years, and others I have not seen since the night we graduated. We all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun.


Jamie said...

Hi there new follower,we are a homeschool,hometeading family trying to make it on 2 acres.I had just joined your blog from over at FARMING ON FAITH,please feel free to stop by and visit.How do you sub and teach your own girls at home or do they go to PS to????You have a beautiful family and good luck with the homesteading.

April said...

Jamie, you are not the only one to ask me that, so that will be my next post!