Tuesday, April 20, 2010

National Park info for homeschoolers!

http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Homeschool ers_Exploring_ National_ Parks/

You are invited to join Homeschoolers Exploring National Parks in the United States group. We are a national, all-inclusive group; but please stay off of the topic religion and politics, as it never goes well.

Our members are always interested in the educational experiences that we can have while homeschooling, and why not tie into it our great national parks. In this group, we can share the educational experiences, ideas and resources that we notice there, and even ideas for pre-trip and follow-up activities at home. Sharing appropriately related websites, links, and resources will be appreciated. Any member can post details about when they will be attending and invite others to join them.

This looks like fun! Two things I have learned about National Parks in the past, it cheaper to buy a season pass usually than a single pass if you plan on returning--plus they are good at any National Park in the US. 2nd, they have tons of usually FREE info for kids, great for homeschooling. Join the rangers--they have free classes and activities for the kids of all ages (and parents) to do, such as identifying animals by their tracks, scant or markings left on a tree, learning about fossil and rock formations and more.

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