Monday, November 2, 2009

This weeks deals from

It is Monday, so start planning this weeks shopping. Check out for the best deals and the coupons to match them up with. This week it looks like I will be stocking up on Dawn dish soap. CVS has it on sale and I have several 75 cent off coupons and some CVS bucks, so I will get about 3 bottles for free. Not bad.

Halloween is over, so if you drew your pumpkin faces on, you can recycle them into pumpkin pie. I bought a few and plan on cooking them down later this week and then freezing them for Thanksgiving and Christmas pies. Just remove the stem, wash the pumpkin and cut into about 3 or 4 large chunks (more or less depending on the size). Then boil till mushy. Drain them well, smash up and put in freezer bags and freeze. I freeze mine 2 cups at a time, as that is what my pie recipe calls for.

This afternoon the kids and I are going to travel the US. I have several videos that I got from the library for my coop class that are due tomorrow, that we will watch this afternoon. We are going to watch the history of the discovery of the Grand Canyon, learn about the gold and silver rushes, the rocky mountains and the great lakes and about an Indian Reservation. A couple of the videos are very short, around 20 minutes but most are around 50 minutes. So after lunch we will settle down with some popcorn and watch. I will count it as history time and geography.

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