Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins Etc

This morning I took the kids to Pumpkins Etc. They all had a blast. I would highly highly recommend this pumpkin patch to everyone! It is family run. There were several patches to choose from. You can take a wheelbarrow with you to put your selections in or (as in our case) give a kid a ride. When you first get there, you will be greeted by cats. Lots and lots of cats, mostly cute babies. We were told that early this morning they had counted 21 of them. We also went through the hay bale maze. There is also another maze that we did not go through. They have a picnic area if you want to take your lunch. Prices were very reasonable. Admission is FREE, and you don't pay for anything except what you buy. They sell pumpkins, candy, gourds, honey (from Smithville)and mums. Get more info at They have a Platte City address, but it is actually on the Smithville side, more towards the Hoover area. It was very easy to get through and signs marked the way well.
If you have little ones with you, they will enjoy the airplanes from KCI that fly over often. We had to stop and wave at each one and guess where they were going.

We also saw a cute halloween display on highway 92 on the way there. It was all made of hay bales painted up. The kids had me pull over so they could see it better.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Fun day! I love those clever round bales of hay painted like pigs. I just would never think of such a thing.